Technology Solutions

375 Palomares Ave.
 Ventura, California 93003
United States

Jon Andresen


Technology Solutions, having been the architect and primary author of the Spec2000 RFID standards, moved on to fill in the void in RFID applications software for the aviation industry. We also provide business and technology (barcode/RFID) consulting, factory production systems, and custom-designed solutions. RFID solutions are now available in the following areas:

– RFIDAeroTag PC- based solution – OEM solutions for low memory RFID tagging of new components; easily user-configurable with database support for controlling unique IDs on each component.

– RFIDAeroTag Handheld Computer solution – OEM or airline solutions for writing/reading low-mem tags; able to read, write, or change data on low-mem tags via the portable computer.

– RFIDAeroTag PC-based solution – OEM/airline solutions for high memory tags (meets A350 requirements); USB-connected reader provides production quality and volume solutions with easy templates by part number.

-RFIDAeroCheck – airline solution to check for the presence and expiration dates of all life-limited item in the cabin – vests, O2 generators, medical kits, portable oxygen, slides, seat covers, etc. Saves 95% of manual labor costs, maximizes life of component, full pull/push reporting, GS1/EPC certified. Purchasing and maintenance can know years ahead of time when items will expire and plan accordingly.

-RFIDAeroSecure – airline solution to meet the daily TSA Security check requirements on every airplane flying in the US. Reduce labor costs by 90% (typically contractor) and improve quality by 90% with non-missed items and full reports to management and TSA.