RFID Business Application Development

Technology Solutions
375 Palomares Ave. 
Ventura, California 93003 
United States 
Jon Andresen
+1(510) 531-2201 

RFID as the hottest emerging technology in aviation, many new applications and uses are now available.  This technology opens up solutions that were not available previously.  I can work to solve your business problem, staying within industry standards, and work with the suppliers who can deliver those solutions.  15+ years experience in low- and high-memory RFID aviation solutions. Specialty solutions in RFID Tool Tracking, GSE Tracking, temperature/voltage/humidity measurements via RFID, and many other opportunities.

  • Digital Information Security
  • Part ID/Bar Coding/RFID
  • Reliability – Aircraft/Engine/Component
  • Repair Planning/Order Management
  • Spares Planning/Order Management



  • Consulting Services
  • Software
  • System Development
  • Training


  • ATA Spec 2000