Navtech Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

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Navtech offers Electronic Flight Bag solutions to support airlines’ transition from paper-based processes on the flight deck to digital information management processes. Since Navtech understands that the ultimate solution that creates the most business value for an airline is going to be unique for each airline, its EFB components are designed in a modular, open manner. Navtech is able to provide these modular components onto a wide variety of platforms, greatly simplifying the solution integration work for the customer. Navtech provides EFB solution components that drive the most business value for airlines and support the following functions on the flight deck: 

  • Charts: Terminal and seamless Enroute charts supported across EFB classes and platforms, including iPad
  • Aircraft Performance: Optimized Takeoff and Landing analysis as well as Mass & Balance calculations

Navtech customers are now flying almost 700 aircraft using EFBs with various Navtech product applications. Navtech works with a variety of EFB hardware and software providers, as well as communications/connectivity providers and integrators.

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