FiXtress – Detect & Fix electrical stress before production

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FiXtress is a comprehensive Design for Reliability (DfR) software tool, for electronic boards, that accelerates and optimizes the design process, being the only industry tool that integrates design errors detection with power, stress, thermal and service life prediction on the schematic-level, before PCB layout.

The design of highly effective, reliable and innovative systems and products in short time-to-market is a challenge faced by all electronics manufacturers today. The need to remain competitive pressures designers to constantly improve device reliability and performance, as well as significantly reduce the product design and development life cycle cost.

Addressing these challenges, BQR FiXtress proprietary design analysis technology automates the verification process at the schematic design stage, helping electronic engineers identify and eliminate potential errors early in the design cycle.

The main components of fiXtress are:

• Design/Schematic analysis which detect design errors
• Stress simulation and derating analysis
• Thermal analysis

  • Reliability – Aircraft/Engine/Component
  • Spares Planning/Order Management



  • Consulting Services
  • Software


  • S1000D
  • ATA Spec 2000
  • ATA Spec 2200
  • ATA Spec 2300
  • ATA Spec 42