BQR Reliability Engineering

5 Mazal Eliezer St.
P.O. Box 208
Rishon-Lezion ,   75101

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+972 3 962 5911

BQR has been a leader in the fields of reliability, safety and maintenance engineering for more than 20 years and has gained its unique experience from a broad spectrum of industries, including Defense and Aerospace, Electronics, Heavy industry, Automotive, Renewable Energies, working for all sizes of customers, from family-size companies to largest multinational conglomerates.

BQR has developed a unique suite of Software products that improve reliability and reduce development cycles and optimize lifecycle costs.

BQR newly introduced MSG-3 Module of the ApmOptimizer enables Aviation Maintenance Organizations to efficiently implement and optimize the MSG-3 related tasks and intervals. The MSG-3 Module is compliant with ATA Standards.