CORENA Fleet Solution for Flight Ops

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Marina Schwimmer


The CORENA Fleet Solution for Flight Ops is a set of applications that help airlines create and manage flight operations manuals, company manuals, and other documentation and deliver them to flight crews through mobile devices.

It helps airlines easily deploy a solution and facilitate regulatory compliance by:

– Reducing dependency on paper, eliminating the weight of flight bags, and lowering both fuel consumption and fuel costs by easily deploying flight operations and company manuals to the iPad.

– Giving your crews fast access to the most current information available by rapidly deploying information to thousands of iPad users dispersed across geographies.

– Making it easy for crews to find the right information quickly by letting them make personal notes and add bookmarks in digital manuals that persist through revision cycles.

– Facilitating regulatory compliance and reporting by automatically tracking and auditing crew acknowledgment of updates and changes.

The Flatirons CORENA Fleet Solution for Flight Ops includes capabilities such as:

– Provides structured content creation and management for flight operations and company manuals.

– Supports a broad range of manuals and documentation types flight crews require — FCOM, AOM, FOM, GOM, MEL, CDL, FCTM, QRH, checklists, airport manuals.

– Supports OEM manuals.

– Delivers flight operations information to tablets in an efficient and user-friendly way.

– Facilitates compliance with worldwide regulatory requirements mandated by the FAA, EASA, and other organizations.

  • Electronic Flight Bag
  • Electronic Regulatory Documentation
  • Flight Operations



  • Content Authoring/Management
  • Software


  • ATA Spec 2300