WebX Systems Ltd.

Abbey House
25 Clarendon Road
Redhill, Surrey RH1 1QZ
United Kingdom

Jamal Banna

+44 (0) 1737 852 266

Established in November 1999, WebX Systems Ltd is a privately-owned UK limited company that holds the copyright for software products such as UltraCSDB®, UltraXML™, UltraAuthor™, UltraPortal™, UltraIETP™, UltraILS™, and other applications and tools. WebX products cater to content creation, management, and publishing needs in the aerospace and defence industries worldwide, in addition to providing quality consultancy services for the international market. With extensive experience and knowledge in ASD, S1000D, and ATA iSpec 2200, WebX Systems can deliver management and technical consulting services globally. The company collaborates closely with affiliates and other organisations to market its solutions and products worldwide, offering customers efficient support and long-term value from their technical publication solutions. Renowned for working closely with clients in the UK, Europe, and the USA to tailor and fine-tune its products and solutions to individual business requirements, WebX utilises expertise gained from numerous project implementations to meet specific objectives. The company is rapidly emerging as a leading provider of technical publishing and content management products and services for the aerospace and defence industry on a global scale.