Trax USA Corp.

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Jessica Paton


TRAX is the undisputed global leader in the aviation Maintenance and Engineering software industry. The TRAX Maintenance solution has been developed – with Airlines and for Airlines – to provide the most comprehensive and advanced maintenance software solution available today. TRAX Maintenance has been selected by over one hundred and eleven airlines worldwide with fleets consisting of all types of aircraft. 

TRAX Maintenance is a completely integrated product, which brings many associated benefits. Organizational efficiency gains can be substantial when using the software. Customer return on investment is quickly realized and many examples can be provided. Consistency throughout all our modules makes cross-training personnel much easier. 

Due to the advent of 4th generation programming languages, the development time for products is significantly reduced. Therefore, customer requirements can be incorporated in a much more expedient manner. As most customers have their own unique requirements, the software can be adapted very quickly by using software switches to turn specific functionality on and off. This facility allows TRAX to maintain one core product while providing customers with software that meets their exact needs. 

TRAX will continue to strictly focus its efforts in the aviation software market, concentrating on meeting customer requirements, as well as advancing technological features. TRAX will maintain its advantage over the competition by continuing to develop software that truly works for the customer by providing cutting-edge modern technology, world class support and strong customer relationships. 

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