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Joyce Clark


Tego, Inc. develops and delivers passive, high memory RFID technology that creates smart assets to make numerous operations and processes within the aviation industry more efficient and competitive. Smart assets allow airline operations managers and maintenance staff, for example, to access and manage information about aircraft components where and when they need it. Whether an asset stays in one place or moves around, the information about its history – maintenance, scratch pad notes, airworthiness certificates – remains in tact throughout the asset’s life, potentially decades. Using a handheld reader in the field, or fixed readers for workstation-based applications, those responsible for an asset’s performance and maintenance over time can make decisions on-the-spot. Ultimately this reduces operations overhead, improves on-time performance and creates competitive advantage. 

Tego products, including tags, system software and high memory semiconductor chips, take RFID beyond simple identification, such as part number, serial number and expiration date. Now detailed historical MRO information, typically held in a centralized database, is physically attached to a component, is easily accessible, and known with certainty to belong to the part in hand. Components with Tego technology meet industry standards around environmental factors such as humidity, pressure and flammability and can be used in external aircraft locations as well as pressurized cabin spaces. Using reader devices, maintenance staff can read about a part’s condition from its attached tag, even in difficult to reach or secured areas. 

Tags with a TegoChip™  inside support high memory applications in the most extreme environments, storing and sharing information free of network dependence. Tego solutions vastly improve supply chain and asset management, performance management and regulatory compliance.