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Tobechi Agbim 

SITA EDI Services provide a framework for electronic commerce and trade so you can manage data exchange in a controlled and flexible manner that meets your business requirements regardless of your trading partners’ chosen EDI methods. 

SPEC 2000 and Type B messaging are the well established and preferred EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and messaging standards used for aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) functions. As the largest Air Transport Industry network, SITA is well positioned to connect your business to your MRO trading partners.  

Despite the noted industry preference, not all participants in aircraft MRO have implemented Spec 2000 or Type B. For instance ASC X12 is not uncommon as an EDI standard and XML is gaining a strong foothold as a content format. 

The SITA network can directly transport any message content format, and SITA’s cloud based EDI services can manage protocol conversion and content transformation. This all encompassing strategy enables true any-to-any EDI communications across the MRO community. 

Beyond messaging, the Spec 2000 standard addresses other types of data exchange such as bulk file transfer for product catalogues, electronic Authorized Release Certificates, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and Bar Code part identification, Performance Metrics Standards and Product Reliability Standards. SITA Professional Services can assist with a smooth deployment of these Spec 2000 features. 

Please contact SITA for more information on how we can support your ATA Spec 2000 requirements. 

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