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Richard McKenna

Skypaq have been designing and supporting mission-critical applications in aerospace and defense since 2004 We now represent Zudy, a ‘no-code’ application development platform, in the aerospace and defense sector. Specific templates are available for aviation including flight logs, workorders and service checks. Aerospace, being a highly regulated industry in a very demanding work environment, has always required customized software development to meet each organization reporting, business process and compliance requirements. However, nowadays due to a myriad of devices from toughened laptops to phones running on various operating systems, and also with the amount of data recorded in different silos within organizations and all accompanying security hazards, the job of the IT developer in the aerospace and defense sector is becoming impossible. Using Zudy’s Vinyl ‘NO-CODE’ Application platform, will enable your IT developers to remove the need to translate business processes into code, allowing organizations to focus their resources on overcoming business challenges instead of technical ones. How does Vinyl work? By automating, abstracting and accelerating all technical tasks associated with developing web or mobile applications through an advanced integrated development environment (IDE). This enables the business and technology teams to focus on business outcome and value. How does Skypaq help your enterprise move to ‘no-code’? Skypaq are partners of Zudy and provide our clients with Expert Services (ES) on the Vinyl platform including initial app development and in the case of our airline customers, template applications for a flight log and also service check apps. We also provide a template workorder solution. Also Skypaq provides expert guidance on integration with ERP systems such as AMOS and communication systems such as ACARS. In aerospace , the Vinyl platform is used by the US Air Force, Finnair, Norra amongst others.