Pennant R4i Workbench

Pennant International Group Ltd
Unit D1 Staverton Connection
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
GL51 0TF
United Kingdom

Samantha Hocking


R4i Workbench is an easy-to-use web-based Authoring Tool for S1000D documentation, that will reduce costs, improve security, simplify administration and enable easier and faster authoring. 

This method of authoring eliminates the installation and maintenance of desktop software and centralizes control at the server, which speeds deployment, reduces ownership costs, increases flexibility and enables widespread usage.

Key Features:

* Easy online access to workspace
* Simple free-text authoring
* Common Source Database (CSDB) integration
* Save to valid XML and PDF
* Instant web preview of content
* Easy insertion of references and images
* No specialist XML skills required

Extensive Benefits:

Easier Authoring – Subject Matter Experts can be internal and external and do not have to be XML Authoring Experts to quickly and easily create content. 

Faster Authoring – Create content 23% faster than using MS Word. 

Reduced Costs – Eliminates the installation, maintenance and upgrading of desktop software. Research shows that ‘cloud computing’ reduces cost of ownership by as much as 65%.

Improved Security – Software remains on the Server, ensuring everyone has access to the same centralized information. Backups are performed at the server level rather than backing up individual desktops. XML data remains within the R4i CSDB, ensuring version control of files as checked-in and out for use in R4i WorkBench. 

Simplified Control – Deploying enterprise solutions requires systems administrators to physically distribute applications to every client plus manage version control. R4i WorkBench simplifies and enhances application management by enabling deployment, administration and support from a single point. 

Browser Support – Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera on Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

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  • Data Conversion
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