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Samantha Hocking


The R4i Common Source Database (CSDB) enables organizations to create, manage and publish maintenance and operational content, both electronically and in hard copy.

The R4i CSDB is the core ‘engine’ within our suite of S1000D products, and includes powerful tools that work together to deliver hard copy PDF manuals and electronic technical orders, also referred to as Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs).

Why use a Common Source Database for producing content?

Using a Content Management System, like the R4i CSDB, is essential when working with complex technical documentation that has a huge mass of data elements, links and versions.

The R4i CSDB enables users to carefully handle and control information, particularly in an environment where there is usually more than one person involved in the development of content (such as technical authors, illustrators and publication managers).

Users gain a wealth of benefits from using the R4i CSDB, including having information that is able to:

* comply with industry specifications (eg ASD S1000D, ATA, 5629A, MILSPEC);
* be re-used across multiple platforms or projects;
* be consistent and up-to-date, out in the field;
* be delivered to multiple devices or formats, including paper, web, CD, and in-vehicle;

The Five powerful tools included with the R4i CSDB Server are:

1: R4i Data Module Manager – an integrated tool to create base Data Modules and manageDML, DMRL and CSL reports

2: R4i Cross-Reference Manager – to integrate the authoring environment into the Common Source Database

3: R4i Fault Code Manager – for recording fault information about the equipment or system, that can be accessed within an electronic publication when using the R4i Viewer

4: R4i Common Specification Manager – for recording information about the equipment or system, that can be referenced within Data Modules

5: R4i Viewer – a royalty-free viewer providing a dynamic interactive multimedia experience.

Easy to install: Our customers tell us that other CSDBs are difficult or time-consuming to install and configure. But that’s not the case with Pennant’s R4i CSDB. 

It’s fast and simple, as you’ll see in this live demonstration:

  • Configuration Management



  • Content Authoring/Management
  • Software
  • System Development


  • S1000D
  • ATA Spec 2000
  • ATA Spec 2200
  • ATA Spec 2300
  • ATA Spec 42