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Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
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United Kingdom

Samantha Hocking


R4i Binder Workstation is an optional module for the R4i CSDB Server and is a flexible drag and drop system for organizations that require paper publications. You can build complete PDF Books that include cover pages, hyperlinked Tables of Contents (TOC) and a hyperlinked Indexes.

R4i Binder accesses ASD S1000D, DITA and other structured content held in the R4i CSDB Server’s database and processes the content using XSL-FO stylesheets. It can utilise FO stylesheets designed for any print standard, from the traditional Chapter/Section style publication, through to the more modular print utilized in S1000D.

It’s very easy to use. Users simply design the layout of their publication by dragging content from the CSDB view onto their layout view. The Book structure can then be saved to the library and a stylesheet applied to produce the PDF publication.

Features include:

* Powerful drag and drop functionality;

* Direct access into the document repository, for access to only authorized and released documents;

* Book history of all PDFs and Change Packages produced (if you have the Change Packaging module);
* Pre-built and saved book layout for fast, consistent, publication creation;
* No scripts, programming or development knowledge needed to publish content;

* No requirement for a specific XML/SGML authoring package to use with R4i Binder; 

* Data can be SGML or XML, to any DTD or Schema specification.

  • Configuration Management
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Maintenance Procedures
  • Repair Planning/Order Management
  • Service Bulletins
  • Spares Planning/Order Management
  • Warranty Claims Management



  • Content Authoring/Management
  • Software


  • S1000D
  • ATA Spec 2000
  • ATA Spec 2200
  • ATA Spec 2300
  • ATA Spec 42