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Kjell Bengtsson

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Jotne EPM Technology (JOTNE) is a member of the Jotne Group, specializing in information technology. Since 1990 the company has developed database solutions to handle standards such as ISO 10303 STEP, PLCS, AIA/ASD S-series etc. These are open specifications with public availability used among others by aerospace, space and defense related industries to manage information about complex systems. Jotne employs about 250 people. Its IT products are used by clients all over the world, including the US Department of Defense, the European MOD’s and leading aerospace/defense/space contractors. 

The flagship product EXPRESS Data Manager support customers to successful implement data exchange, sharing and archiving solutions for PLM and ILS applications using AIA/ASD Series standards like S1000D, S3000L, S1003X, S5000F, GEIA-0007. The unique software includes the PLCS (ISO 10303) repository, deploying all the various AIA/ASD DEX’es. This is the one stop shop for all your interoperability requirements. 

Jotne data products have successfully reduced development and product lifecycle costs through the use of intelligent data management in the areas of Defense, Aeronautics, Oil & Gas, Built Environment and Aerospace. 

Jotne is a leader in the development of standards-based software products specializing: 

  • Product Data Exchange
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Long-term data & product OAIS archiving
  • Data validation & verification, code checking
  • Rules based data modeling
  • Cross-platform data sharing 

Jotne can deliver every level of data management solution. From a full Product Lifecycle Modeling server to an OAIS archiving server to specialized developer tools (SDK’s) to integrate proprietary based applications with the open standards. Jotne has a solution to fit your product data exchange requirements.