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Werner Schadelbauer
0043 2682 704-6100

Since 1997, HICO has established economically attractive efficient and sustainable software solutions as well as services for “Integrated Product Support (IPS)” and „Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)“ in various industries.

HICO is an award winning Austrian Company with a strong international footprint and excellent credit ratings by international agencies and banks.
HICO develop innovative solutions for Integrated Product Support (IPS) to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers. This is achieved by our experienced and loyal employees and their comprehensive solution competence.
HICO offers a full spectrum of Software solutions, consulting and IPS-services from a single source. This includes innovative and tailor-made service solutions for technical documentation and technical communication. We provide engineering-support and -integration in the IPS-process in order to develop maintenance programs and material supply concepts. HICO also focus on solutions needed to develop training programs for the customer products.
The failure-free operation of complex technical systems and the maximum system readiness and system availability can be sustainably improved by Integrated Product Support (IPS).
IPS is a unified and iterative approach to the management and technical activities needed to influence operational requirements and design specifications for a comprehensive product support. As a result, significant savings in relevant lifecycle costs can be achieved.
This is made possible by the information logistics approach of HICO, which ensures high quality and actuality of product and maintenance information for the consumer – appropriate information in required quality, at the right place, at the right time and for the right people.
Our activities are focused on the organizational and process oriented implementation of established IPS-/ILSspecifications and standards with the objective of integrated solutions.
• Civil & Military Aviation
• Security & Defence
• Ship Building | Naval
• Other Industries (e.g. RAIL)