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The Eclipse S1000D for Arbortext application makes it very easy for both experienced and inexperienced Arbortext users to become very productive in generating S1000D Data Modules. The ability to connect to third party CSDB products provides good integration for functions such as insertion of Illustrations, Reference to other Data Modules, Supplies, Spares and Tools. 

Custom Development 

The plug-in technology allows project specific add-ons to be developed that will allow additional formatting rules to work along side or overwrite the S1000D formatting required. 

Structured Authoring 

Validation against the allowed structure is automatic and the various S1000D SGML and XML Schema versions are fully supported. Element definitions are easily available with a single key press. 

Control and Re-use of Frequently used SGML/XML 


Every manual will contain a series of common structural items that are repeated throughout the data set. Items such as regularly used tables, common warnings, cautions and notes or regular phrases can be time consuming to recreate on each usage and encourages inconsistency. Eclipse S1000D provides a tool for authors to identify and easily reinsert these parts into the document saving time and improving accuracy. 

Multiple Output Support 

Items like Table Of Contents, List of Figures, Tables and References Tables can be automatically generated or deselected for specific types of document output. Eclipse S1000D has been designed to give the highest possible quality output for PDF and print as outlined in the S1000D specification, using the PTC Print Composer. 

Maintenance Requirements 

Support equipment can be inserted by selection from a predetermined list saving the author time and improving the quality of the publication through the use of automatically inserted approved data and speeding up the process of creating Preliminary Requirements Lists. 

Data Reference Manager 

A database is provided with the S1000D solution to enhance the user experience and maximize authoring efficiency. The database allows you to store lists of Data Modules, Technical Publications, etc. This means companies who don’t have a compliant Common Source Database (CSDB) are still assured of consistency and control when a spares table or cross reference is inserted. Linking to a third party CSDB is also possible. 

CSDB Connection Layer 

As part of the application Mekon has developed an interconnectivity layer which permits connection to Common Source Database applications from Third Parties. Currently the Eclipse Create for S1000D application is provided with layers for Corena Life*S1000D and Pennant R4i CSDBs. This interconnectivity layer permits Mekon to rapidly develop connections to other CSDB applications provided the suppliers of these will provide the means of accessing the underlying database. 

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