Eclipse iSpec 2200 CMM/SB for FrameMaker

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Eclipse iSpec 2200 (A)CMM/SB provides an Adobe FrameMaker authoring and printing environment for Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM), Abbreviated Component Maintenance Manuals (ACMM) and Service Bulletins/Service Letters (SB/SL) based on a wide range of CMM or SB DTDs and compliant with ATA and Airbus Component Data Instruction Manuals (CDIMs). Output can be in SGML or compliant PDFs.  

The plug-in leverages the printing capability of Adobe FrameMaker to create very specific printed page layouts for the various structured files, which conform to the relevant specification layout instructions while providing convenient and clear editing environments, which can also be used to write SGML output for delivery to clients when this is specified. Requirements for paper outputs that are not stored in the SGML are automated, like creation of the List of Effective Pages (LEP), Table of Contents (TOC) and automated pagination, reducing time and resources required to complete the documentation. Where possible, other tasks are automated, like automatic MTOSS generation, Preparations to start new revisions and many more.  

To allow for file sharing without having to transmit older versions of the SGML and to maximise the pagination functionality, the plug-in is equipped with a mechanism that maintains both latest and legacy revision information, stored in the SGML.  

Furthermore, the plug-in is equipped with a configuration mechanism to customise the templates to allow for site specific information to be displayed in the paper/PDF output. 

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