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Eclipse Crew is specialised application for editing and publishing Aircrew Manuals, Operating Data Manuals, Flight Reference Cards and Flight Test Schedules through Adobe FrameMaker.  

The plug-in is designed with the Handling Squadron of Royal Air Force to comply with JSP(D)543 Aircrew Publication specifications, defined by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD).  

The plug-in allows for transformation of Crew Descriptive data modules directly from S1000D data modules from a wide range of S1000D changes. The transformation allows the concatenation of multiple data modules into a structured (parts and chapters) book, provides full ‘front matter’ and index building, translates cross-references and supports version information with change marking.  

The plug-in has many unique features to aid in the preparation of Aircrew Publications for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, like:  

Multiple templates for book and reference card type publications for varied operating environments 

Multi-chapter and multi-part publications with annexes and supplements 

On-the-fly generation of algorithms (flow diagrams) and captions 

Automatic generation of coloured, indexed or annotated tabs 

Embedded document management (change marking, amendment annotation) 

and many more… 

To benefit from the full functionality, Eclipse S1000D is required. 

  • Configuration Management
  • Flight Operations



  • Content Authoring/Management
  • Software


  • S1000D