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Sven Karch

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We are a leading, medium-sized and independent IT Consulting Company with our own Data Center and many years of experience.

The DATAGROUP ILS-Suite supports our military and civilian customers in the field of spare part logistics by current standards. ILmosS 2000, L-BASE and Message Handler are our products to handle this complex area and we keep them always up-to-date. Those products and our experts are tested in several years of service by our customers.
ILmosS 2000
ILmosS 2000 (ASD/ATA Materiel and Order Support System) is the leading software solution for spare part logistics using the ASD/ATA S2000/M standard. This solution can be customized to fit the need sof the given project and covers every chapter of the standard.
L-BASE is used to create a logistic database using the MIL-STD-1388-2B standard. It is approved by the United States Department of Defense and covers the whole standard.
Message Handler
Message Handler is a software solution to send messages via EDI (electronic data interchange) standards. It can be customized to set new standards (i.e company standards) and is able to create different EDI messages depending on the involved parties.
ILS Service and Competence Center (ISCC)