CloudCARDS Limited

2nd Floor, Bedford Building
Howley’s Quay
Henry Street

Brian Fitzgerald
+35 3872280547

CloudCARDS Limited is an asset management company formed in April 2013, based in Shannon, Ireland. Its initial focus was to finalise the development of a software platform to revolutionise the Aircraft Delivery, Re-Delivery & Asset Management process and lower costs for its customers.
Its sister company Civil Aviation Services Limited which was formed in 2007 is providing technical services consultancy to airlines and aircraft leasing companies. It was through this business that a need for an efficient and transparent project management system became clear. After several years of development the software platform CARDS® was finalised.
CloudCARDS Ltd. is engaged in the technical management of commercial aircraft. This involves the in-depth understanding of aircraft leases from a technical point of view and of the airworthiness regulations. We continuously provide the oversight on the aircraft, prepare the aircraft for transition and manage it through the re-delivery or delivery process for the customer.
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Phone: +353  61  748767 GMT.