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Author S1000D in a built-in editor,Convert unstructured content into S1000D,Import/export,training/learning materials,online review,referential integrity,workflow management,generate publication modules, Publish IETM, PDF, SCORM,IETM viewer
Automated creation and management of T-Files based on IPL data. Supports Boeing or Airbus T-File specifications, automated revision control and enterprise T-File reporting. Standard interface to import iSPEC 2200 SGML and annual price catalog data.
R4i Binder Workstation - You can build complete PDF Books that include cover pages, hyperlinked Tables of Contents (TOC) and a hyperlinked Indexes.
SDL Contenta S1000D is a CSDB that increases the productivity of technical authors, editors and publishers across the content lifecycle. SDL makes it easy to create, edit, manage, publish and deliver high-quality, mission-critical tech data faster.
R4i Binder XPS (eXtensible Print System) is a powerful productivity tool for Authoring Teams that require paper publications. Its flexible drag and drop capability simplifies the creation of manuals, handbooks and large technical books.
The Flatirons CORENA Manufacturer Solution is a manufacturer-independent system for comprehensive technical information management from content creation and revisions to delivery of up-to-date information for multiple programs from one system.
R4i Binder Client takes all of the latest easy desktop features of R4i Binder Workstation and enables them as a Client interface to R4i Server, allowing multiple PDF's to be generated at the same time server side.
Arbortext IsoDraw-based interactive software to speed up the creation, edition and validation of S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200 technical illustrations.
Product-centric process and information management
Warranty & Contract Management
This application is designed for either new part, or legacy part, marking with high- or low-mem RFID tags. All data is stored in Spec2000 data formats and software is GS1/EPC certified. This application meets the Airbus A350 RFID requirements.
Tego Aerospace Launch Kit has everything you need to start a high memory RFID tagging program. Create smart assets, including flyable parts, in compliance with ATA Spec 2000. Includes hand-held or fixed station reader, TegoView software and tags.
Navtech offers EFB solutions to support airlines’ transition from paper-based processes on the flight deck to digital information management processes.
Eclipse S1000D for Arbortext
The airline industry's premier event to learn about the latest developments in information exchange to support engineering, maintenance, materiel, etc.
A full suite of e-business specifications for the electronic exchange of data between airlines and suppliers.
The CORENA Fleet Solution is the leading manufacturer-independent technical information management system for existing and new-generation fleets.
Eclipse S1000D for FrameMaker
SITA EDI Services provide a framework for electronic commerce and trade so you can manage data exchange in a controlled and flexible manner that meets your business requirements regardless of your trading partners’ chosen EDI methods.
Eclipse iSpec for Arbortext
Airline Documentation Studio facilitates the airline documentation development and maintenance in compliance with the safety management policies and regulatory requirements, contributing additional robustness to the airline Safety Management System.
This publication will provide you with an unprecedented resource by which to analyze the features, capabilities and background of each of the key parts-trading-related websites/Marketplaces in the aerospace/aviation world today.
Eclipse iSpec 2200 for FrameMaker
Implement electronic part certification for authorized release certificates to certify airworthiness of spare and repair parts using , EASA Form 1 and FAA 8130-3 standards.
Available as a stand alone module, InForm's Manuals for Everyone gives your document services department unprecedented ease of use and control over their own documents.
Apm MSG3 implements MSG3 methodology and provides optimization of obtained tasks based on Operator / OEM in-service Data in order to reduce LCC and optimize Availability and Reliability Metrics.
ApmOptimizer: Optimization of Asset Maintenance Processes for Maximal Availability and Reliability Metrics and Minimum Cost of Ownership over Lifecycle.
The CORENA Fleet Solution for Flight Ops is a set of applications that help airlines create and manage flight operations manuals, company manuals, and other documentation and deliver them to flight crews through a wide range of mobile devices.
Using the latest SAP Netweaver™ XI/PI technology you can now easily implement B2B Industry Standards. With our new XI/PI Content Package you can easily enhance your SAP R/3 A&D to be ATA SPEC2000 XML conform.
The Flatirons team has deployed the CORENA Fleet MRO solution to customers around the world and can work with your business to deliver the efficiencies of paperless, mobile tech ops to your team of technicians.

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