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TegoDrive software is the easiest way to add, store and manage information on RFID tags. By installing the software on a handheld RFID device or an end-user’s desktop connected to a fixed reader, tasks such as adding new content to a tag are as simple as “save-as” or drag-and-drop, regardless of the file format – pdf, jpg, html, txt, and more. With TegoDrive, RFID tags are represented as folders on the desktop, and files in the folder correspond to data stored on the tag in User Memory. This information stays with a tagged part, or whatever assets you need to manage, throughout their lifecycle, wherever they go.  

TegoDrive eliminates the bottleneck and cost of customizing proprietary RFID reader applications to work with existing enterprise software. Microsoft Windows becomes the reader application program. Operations staff responsible for supply chain management, inventory control or airline maintenance updates can be up and running and working with maximum efficiency in minutes. 

  • Part ID/Bar Coding/RFID



  • Content Authoring/Management
  • Software


  • ATA Spec 2000