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The Flatirons Manufacturer Solution is a set of applications designed for technical information management requirements of 21st-century original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their increasingly complex product lines, global partnerships, and business process needs. It helps OEMs support their customers and suppliers in the production, ongoing revision, and automated distribution of aerospace technical information specifically designed to support multiple formats and standards — like iSpec 2200 and S1000D — with reusable, dynamic content to support a wide range of programs, specifications, and delivery formats.


– Shorter time to market: Through automated capture, validation, and import of component supplier technical content for reuse in technical publications along with on-demand publishing capabilities across a wide range of iSpec 2220 and S1000D  specification versions and multiple formats (print / PDF, native XML, XHTML, and others).

– Improved customer service: Through automated XML processing, validation, and transformation to reduce human intervention in technical information management that results in more timely delivery of content in the formats, specifications, and scope required.

– Support for new revenue and delivery models: Through tiered content delivery options for end customers, dedicated browser-based capabilities for customer access to updated content, and workflow tools to capture end-user feedback and new content requests.

– Reduced training and IT costs: Through single-system coverage of technical information spanning major component types and data exchange specifications.

Using the Flatirons Manufacturer Solution you can:

– Consolidate multiple legacy systems into a single technical information system to reduce complexity and control costs.

– Use a single source for reusable content to increase information consistency and accuracy.

– Provide on-demand transformation for both inbound and outbound content to deliver content based on multiple standards and customer requirements.

– Integrate with your ERP and reporting infrastructure to streamline business processes and increase productivity.

– Lower the cost per publication.

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  • S1000D
  • ATA Spec 2200