Absolute Data Group

Level 4/383 Wickham Terrace
Spring Hill , QLD 4000

Tammy Halter


Absolute Data Group (ADG) is an award-winning technology company that specializes in creating, managing and leveraging technical data and maintenance information for clients across a variety of industries, including manufacturing and engineering, defense and aerospace, mining, energy, rail, automotive, shipbuilding and heavy industry.

ADG assist companies with asset maintenance, product lifecycle and technical documentation software. We provide DITA and S1000D compatible software and services for organisations that need to develop and manage business critical documentation. 

Whatever the requirement, our customers know we’ll deliver the best software and services, together with superior customer service and ongoing support.

Our off-the-shelf software products include asset and product lifecycle management tools, an S1000D-compliant publishing suite for technical documentation, and a competency-based online learning management system.

All can operate stand-alone or as an integrated suite. They are also available as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS).

The integration between products allows for the same information to be used across various areas of your business consistently and quickly. Saving time and money, and ensuring information out in the field, during maintenance and in training is all changed at the same time.

In addition to our products, we provide comprehensive consultancy and training services, including training in S1000D, ADOBE FrameMaker, Arbortext Authoring and ADG software.