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xSPEC2000 XML Converter

warp it AG
Balan Str. 73
Building 7
Munich, Bavaria 81541

Ralph Kutzner
+49 8635 69399 09
Provides a transparent SPEC2000 XML solutions to your backend ERP system for better maintainability and control.

Proven and reliable SPEC2000 XML implementation for the Aerospace Industry. With our ‘out of the box‘ solution and our implementation experience we can rapidly and cost-effectively implement SPEC2000 XML.

Using the latest Java technology (J2SE 5.0, JDBC) you can now easily implement B2B Industry Standards.

With our new xSPEC2000 Package you can easily enhance your ERP environment to be ATA SPEC2000 XML conform, platform independent and EDI/XML compliant.

Supports ATA SPEC2000
* Chapter 2 (Procurement Planning)
* Chapter 3 (Order Administration)
* Chapter 4 (Customer Invoicing)

The optional xSQL Object allows direct DB transactions with your ERP Database.

The entire package can be set up to your needs allowing SPEC2000 Type B and SPEC2000 XML to be used concurrently.

Universal conversion of customizable flat files (including EDIFACT/X12) / SPEC2000 Type B (SITA) / SPEC2000 XML in any combination and partner specific.

In addition CSV and freely definable delimited flat files can be used.

Supports the most widely used protocols in the industry today, FTP(S), SMPT(S)/POP3 and HTTP(S).

Validation of all inbound and outbound messages including partner specific XSD validation.

Customizable SPEC2000 XML invoices can be created as PDF files to be printed or electronically sent to your customers invoicing department.

Adaptable XSLT Stylesheet transformations can be changed easily at any time.
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