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Skypaq eLog

Unit 12B Lough Sheever Corporate Park
Mullingar,   0000

Richard McKenna
+ 353 44 9350360
Skypaq’s eLog software framework is a unique regulatory approved electronic method of collecting technical log/aircraft maintenance log data which enables both Flight Crew and Maintenance Personnel to record logbook events and allow this data to be transmitted immediately throughout the organization.  A Cabin Log product is also available as either a standalone product or tied within the overall technical log framework.

By delivering integrated maintenance and operational solutions for an airline’s fleet, Skypaq provides:
• Fleet Airworthiness Monitoring
• Defect Management
• System Integration
How it works:

1. Skypaq’s eLog solution is the primary airworthiness management program in an airline as it is an electronic version of current paper based aircraft maintenance log systems within an airline.  It is designed to work in conjunction with your existing MRO/Flight Operations/ERP systems.
2. Skypaq’s eLog solution allows data recorded on the existing paper technical log to be recorded in an electronic format.  This allows accurate distribution of essential defect management data in an electronic format, specifically using ATA Chapter 17 Electronic Logbook Interface.  It prevents costly mistakes in the current process of transferring paper technical log data to the various IT systems within organizations including MRO/Flight Operations/ERP systems.
3. As defect data from the aircraft is now inputted electronically by technicians through the eLog product,  this data is now visible in a quicker process to the existing MRO/Flight Operations/ERP systems within airlines

Our product has been summarized as reaching the areas of airlines operational processes that existing IT systems can’t reach.
Skypaq’s eLog is in use within various airlines and has been a core IT system within a OneWorld airline since 2008.  It works across a complete airline’s fleet irrespective of aircraft type.
The product is designed for use by all airlines and does not require the purchase of expensive cockpit hardware or expensive ground to air communication infrastructure.

Our consultancy professionals can also provide airlines with cutting edge data integrations skills based on our experience in linking different IT systems to provide a fleet airworthiness monitoring solution.  Leverage your existing data using Skypaq’s integration expertise.

eLog Core Components
The eLog consists of six major software component applications that appear on different devices based on the aircraft and/or on the ground.
1. Technical Logbook (eLog) – This application provides both Flight Crew and Maintenance Crew functionality. Crews will be able to record items into the technical logbook as well as review the technical logbook history for the aircraft.

2. Ground Based Technical Log Book (Ground Based eLog) - This application allows an airline to implement electronic logbooks before EFB’s are installed on the aircraft.  It’s a single data store for all tech log information that links directly into M & E systems, Flight Operations, ERP, Legacy Systems etc and fully compliant with  ATA SPEC 2000 Chapter 17 interface.
3. Remote Defect Management Process (eRemoteLog) - The eRemoteLog provides maintenance personnel access into the technical logbook databases resident on all aircraft across the fleet. Maintenance personnel are able to document fault reports, record maintenance actions and review technical logbook history for any aircraft in the fleet. It is also used as a facility to send Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletin data to the aircraft eLog in a managed process.

4. Cabin Logbook (eCabinLog) - This application provides Cabin Crew members the ability to write and review cabin related fault reports for that aircraft. It can be used either as a standalone product or linked to the overall eLog product suite.

5. eLog Fleet Airworthiness Monitoring - This is a web application hosted either on our servers or the airline's own preferred site. Immediate data on the airworthiness status of each aircraft is available at one location. Users of this software are also able to view items for any individual tail number. Typical use is in an Airlines NCC (Network Control Centre).
6. Data Integration Module - All eLog data can be distributed directly to the bespoke IT systems throughout an airline using recognized data integration technique such as ATA Chapter 17 Electronic Logbook specs.
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