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ADG Skills M5

Absolute Data Group
GPO Box 2890, Brisbane.  QLD 4001
Level 4, 383 Wickham Terrace
Spring Hill, Brisbane, Queensland 4001

Samantha Hocking
+61 7 3832 6888
Skills M5 is a complete, online Learning Management System that enables the rapid creation and distribution of online courses and provides advanced student management.

Designed specifically to deliver interactive, computer-based training, Skills M5 enables you to address the five key aspects of training development:

1: Analyze student and task requirements
2: Design the course outline
3: Develop engaging, interactive courseware
4: Conduct the training
5: Evaluate both the student and the courseware 

Skills M5 is SCORM-compliant, meaning content will display and behave the same on Skills M5  as it will on other SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems.

What's more, it integrates with our S1000D solutions (often used in defense, aerospace and heavy industry). This allows training developers to re-use technical content that is stored within an S1000D repository (like our R4i Common Source Database). This means training developers and technical writers can use the same base content, saving days of content creation and re-entering data.

Skills M5 is made up of two components - Skills Studio for the development and authoring of courses, and Skills MyClass for student and course management.

Skills Studio:

Utilized by subject matter experts and technical personnel, Skills Studio is a unique forms-based authoring environment that guides the author through the content creation process.

Features include: 
* Easy authoring through the use of templates, so authors can focus on the content;
* Faster authoring - create reusable, interactive courseware 23% faster than MS Word of PowerPoint;
* SCORM conformance - Skills M5 has currently been tested as compliant to SCORM 2004, 4th Edition;  
* Drag 'n Drop - share S1000D data from the R4i CSDB via easy 'drag and drop';   
* Interactive Content - link external multimedia objects including images, movies and PowerPoint;  
* Record of exams - Store all student exam results in the database.

Skills MyClass: Designed specifically to deliver interactive computer based training for equipment operators, system maintainers and certification-based training, Skills MyClass provides:

* Management of students and courses;
* Self-paced courses with no exams, or scored exams;
* Instructor managed training whereby exams are scored and;
* student progress monitored;
* Student reports and certificates.
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