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Aerospace Software Developments Limited
Block 6, Richview Office Park
Dublin ,   14

David Browne
+353 1 2060011

​Based in Dublin, Ireland, Aerospace Software Developments (ASD) is a dynamic software development company which specialises in the development and implementation of applications specifically designed for the Aviation industry.

ASD provides RFID solutions for the aircraft cabin and cockpit and ATA Spec2000 messaging solutions that are EDI and XML compliant.

RFID solutions include EM-Check which provides the facility to manage all life-limited components from both an expiry and presence perspective.  All information related to tracked components will be stored within a server-side application database based upon defined equipment types, aircraft locations, part information and aircraft type configurations. Configurations are defined and maintained using a functionally-rich graphical user interface. Aircraft are then identified based on aircraft type configuration and emergency equipment is then inducted on the aircraft.  Once components for an emergency equipment type are inducted on an aircraft, they are fully managed within EM-Check and planning of checks and replacement requirements can then be completely managed within the solution.
Knowledge is a powerful thing and EM-Check provides that information where little or no information existed before.  EM-Check reports, for example, will tell maintenance personnel exactly which life-limited parts will expire on which aircraft in which month for years in advance, enabling maintenance to plan their workloads far in advance as well as insure that no item overruns its limit and causes the airline to be out of compliance.  As expiration dates approach for specific items, increasing levels of notification are triggered to the appropriate people or departments.  These notifications can be automated and sent via email to the appropriate maintenance individual to ensure compliance is maintained at all times.
EM-Tag, another ASD RFID solution, allows manufacturers and airlines to control the unique Serial Number of the products they are identifying and tagging with RFID tags. High-memory and low-memory tags are encoded with EPC and Spec2000 compliant data and attached to each component. Tags can also have 1D and 2D barcodes and human readable information. Full database traceability and reports of all RFID tags created, plus ability to re-generate another tag is available.

ASD’s Spec2000 solution, J2Spec-X, is a 24 x 7 Spec2000 compliant software messaging application which enables your company to trade with other companies in the Aerospace market sector. It also provides a method for secure EDI and XML file transfer between you and your trading partners. It is simple to implement and easy to use.

J2Spec-X will transfer messages using secure internet standard transfer protocols (EDIINT AS1, AS2, and AS3) directly to your trading partner via mail, http or ftp. Additionally J2Spec-X may be configured to work with a secure mail server from a traditional managed network (e.g. ARINC, SITA). In this configuration outgoing messages are transmitted from J2Spec-X to the secure server and onward to your trading partners. Incoming messages are received by J2Spec-X, either directly from your trading partner or via the secure server, and transferred in real-time, validated, and interfaced to your host application via interface database tables or interface files.


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